Friday, June 14, 2013

Farm Girl Friday -14 June 2013

Farm Girl Friday
Farm Girl Friday finds us under water again.  Not too badly, but certainly more than we need at the moment.  Colin finally has all 400 acres planted, though we have already lost 5 acres to water.  He can't replant because we grow grain corn.  If he had silage corn in that field he could replant it because you harvest silage green.  Grain corn has to have enough time left to dry.
garden -garlic (1000x750)
Our garlic looks like our best year ever!  The scapes should make their appearance any day now.
garden -beans (1000x750)
Green and yellow beans, the flowers are just starting.  Hopefully we'll have beans for next market day.
garden -greenhouse (1000x750)
Colin has the greenhouse nearly empty for another year.
garden -lettuce (1000x750)
If we had had some sunshine in the last 2 weeks, this lettuce would have been ready for Market.  Oh well, there's always next Market day.
garden -heirloom pumpkin (1000x750)
Heirloom pumpkins going into the plastic.  This is the best way to plant a garden.  Minimal weeds and no watering.  We barely watered anything in plastic, even last year in the drought.
garden -tomatoes (1000x750)
garden -tomatoes wanting sunshine (1000x750)
Tomato plants really wanting some sunshine.
garden -apples (1000x750)
Apples!  Unfortunately this tree got hit by some frost and doesn't have too many apples.  It's a dwarf Honeycrisp and they are soooo yummy.  Colin's other apple tree has so many apples he's going to have to thin them down.  But they are green right now and didn't show up in the picture.
So things are coming along here at Fletchington Farms.  We just need the rain to stop for a couple weeks.   And even though I'm enjoying the cool days (and nights especially) we need lots of sunshine and heat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula

lovely to see the progress at your farm. Love the plastic idea. I have a real hatw for plastic but my hate for weeds is bigger.


elizabeth said...

wishing you all of God's blessings on your farm!