Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yarn Along -15 May 2013

Yarn Along this week finds me still reading my Titanic book.  Not that it's slow or uninteresting, I just don't seem to find/make the time for Momma reading these days (unless we go away).
Yarn Along -15 May cat
Finished up Ella's cat.  It's really cute, but I'm not sure why the designer made the cat's face flat.  The cat has such a realistic shape from the back and then  you turn the cat around and it looks like it ran into a wall!  Ella loves it and that's what matters.
Yarn Along -15 May
Starting a couple new projects.  Working on a crochet Barbie dress.  Apparently the Barbies need a 'doing groceries' kind of dress.  I haven't crocheted in a while, it's a nice change.  I also need an easy, grab and go kind of project.  So I'm working on the swatch to make myself another pair of knee socks.  Isn't the yarn gorgeous.  I got it at Tina's in Bowmanville the last time I was there. I just hope I have enough.

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