Friday, March 1, 2013

Laundry Blues

I'll admit it, I hate doing laundry.  I don't mind hanging it outside in the summer (when I'm not being carried off by mosquitoes), but other than that I can do without it.
Take a little tour with me and see if you can figure out why:
These are the stairs to the dungeon cellar and 'laundry room'.  It's better now because Colin fixed the bottom step after we got married.  It's leaned towards the bottom for decades and they just knew to step on it 'right'.  After I nearly fell a couple of times Colin realized it was a problem :)

And yes, you are right.  You can't carry a laundry basket down these steps like a person normally would, you have to hold the basket lengthwise (if you value skin on your knuckles).  And shoes must be worn in the cellar at all times.
basement 2
The view from the bottom of the stairs.  I have two lengths of clothesline for drying in the winter.  I have a dryer but only use it once in a while -most often in the summer if we have too much rain.  My washer is the largest small washer I could find.  The back stairs to the basement aren't much wider than the house steps so we have to watch the size around here.
basement 4
This is my pantry.  It's a race to see if I can use up the canned goods before the damp of the cellar starts to rust the cans.
basement 3
And here's me so you can get a feel for the scale of the place.  Keep in mind I'm 5 ft and Colin is 6 ft.  I actually have to duck in a couple of places where the floor has a few more layers of cement.  Yes, that's a second washer I'm standing beside.  If your husband was a pig farmer you'd have 2 machines too  :)
I forgot to mention what an improvement this cellar is from when we were first married.  A couple of years ago Colin put up all the silver insulation you can see on the walls.  It went directly over the stone walls and made the place much brighter and cleaner looking (if you don't notice the cobwebs).
I get my exercise on my laundry days.  My washing machine has issues every time it needs to fill with water, so I have to go downstairs 2-3 times each cycle to restart the machine.  Colin thinks it must be a problem with the float, but they make these things so you can't fix them yourself any more.
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