Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yarn Along -30 January 2013

Yarn Along this week.  I have a couple finished projects but didn't get them felted until today so they are wet downstairs and waiting to dry.  I'll share them tomorrow.
yarn along -30 jan
couple new dresses for Olivia.  I still need to finish the purple one (on left) and the one on the right just needs snaps.  I'll have them done for Friday.

Reading these days are seed catalogues.   We've had such internet issues I still haven't got all our seeds ordered.  At least I've got all our year-end farm records done and it's all ready to go to the accountant and our HST return is done too.

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Anonymous said...

those are cute love the one on right,Cant wait to see the felted projects.
I have not felted in about 2 years.