Saturday, January 26, 2013

Farm Girl Friday - The Warmth of Love

Farm Girl Friday
We are in the midst of a crazy January deep freeze.  Most days the Farm Girl, Farmer and Farm Girlie are just trying to stay warm.  Poor Colin having to try and deal with everything in/out of the barn in this weather.  The cold just makes his job so much harder.

My bloggy friend Arianne did a lovely post the other day showing off the beautiful wool quilt she had made.  She got me thinking about how love adds to an items value and yes, does keep you warmer.  We are lucky to have a few quilts made with love.

quilt 2
I made this quilt for Ella before she was born.  It's a flannel panel and I machine quilted it.  It's crib size so it's now been put in my pine box awaiting Ella's babies (at least 13 years from now!).
Quilt 1
This is the quilt currently on Ella's bed.  It was made by Colin's Grandma Fletcher in 1985.  Twin size appliqued, embroidered maple leaves.  Ella thinks it's so neat that Daddy had this on his bed when he was 'little'.  Ella loves to hear stories about family, so these heirlooms make a good starting point.
quilt 4
My Grandma made me this quilt.  It's a queen size Triple Irish Chain.  She's made a quilt for each of her granddaughters.  Ever since Ella was born I've been trying to get her to make some for her great-granddaughters (she's only got 2 and one probably wouldn't care) with no luck.
quilt 3
I actually had this quilt made.  I got the panels at a really nice fabric shop in Elora (I think it's gone now).  At my church in Bowmanville there was a group of ladies (called themselves Mary and Martha and fund-raised for the church) and they made quilts.  So I gave them the material and they made me this double sized quilt.  So it was 'bought' but it was also kind of made with love because the ladies loved what they were doing  and they 'loved' me as part of the church.

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