Friday, January 11, 2013

Farm Girl Friday -11 January 2013

Farm Girl Friday
I know we live in the country in an old farm house.  Mice are a fact of life.  
I have a love hate relationship with the mice.  In cartoons I think they are cute.  We love Tumtum and Nutmeg and we love Brambly Hedge.  The problem starts when the mice start coming in my house.  I sort of tolerate them in my cupboards and drawers.  I have everything in there all mouse-proof.  It's when they start 'playing' on my counters at night that I have to draw the line.
Any one have any help for getting rid of the mice?  And don't bother suggesting blocking up holes, did I mention I live in an old farmhouse -ha ha.  

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OH! Good your on, hey for somereason I can not get my search button to work. can you help me rofl