Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yarn Along -14 November 2012

Not much progress to show this week for Yarn Along.  It seems I was knitting a bit on a bunch of things.  It depended on where I was and what I had forgotten. I'm teaching (or reteaching really) a friend to make sock, so I thought I'd try to get the socks done for my BIL but forgot a measuring tape, so I worked on the socks for Mom instead.  I've also been working on the sweater.  Just the sleeves left to finish.  Ella wants one too, don't know if I could shrink the pattern.  Any one seen a style like this but in little big girl size?
Ella is really loving the Burgess Animal Book.  We're only on chapter 5 but she's learning so much.  She's got the bird book on her Christmas list.  I think it will be a definite buy if it doesn't appear under the tree.
Speaking of birds, we had a visitor the other day:
Sorry for the gigantic picture but I couldn't zoom in close enough and not be blurry.  
We don't see many downy woodpeckers around here (or any kind of woodpecker really) so we were very happy to see this fellow.  Daddy was a little less happy that he decided to use the house  :)  The blue jays should be arriving soon and if we are lucky we'll start seeing some cardinals too.

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