Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -20 September 2012

Some Happy and Funny to share this week.  It's always Happy and Funny when Uncle Stefan and Auntie Belinda come to town.  Ella's a lucky girl because Auntie B. picked a 'big kid' for a husband and they have so much fun together.
Even cleaning toothpaste off the wall at Grandma's house is more fun with Uncle Stefan's help.  Though Ella has no idea how her toothpaste got way up there  :)
Uncle Stefan reading Dr. Seuss (Grandma saves everything).  This is Ella's room at Grandma's.  It's painted Tinkerbell lavender (don't call it purple).  Ella's bed used to be Auntie Belinda's.  Grandma got it at an auction in the 80's for $4.  Only after much stripping did they discover the brass bars on the top and bottom.
And here's what makes Momma Happy.  My new garlic for the year.  This year I told Colin I didn't want to be stuck cooking with all the tiny bulbs.  I'm tired of having to peel 3 cloves just to equal one.  We had such a great crop this year Colin said it would be ok to take the medium sized ones for ourselves.

And since I had to dig out this picture for someone else, I'll share it here too.  Can never have too many pictures of my Pretty girl, even if it is from a couple of years ago.

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