Friday, September 14, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -14 September 2012

This week for Farm Girl Friday I thought I'd share some pictures of the crops that didn't mind the weather so much.
Four years ago Colin planted a cherry tomato plant in this ring.  We've never had to plant another one since!  It's gone crazy this year.
All of our tomatoes look great this year.  It's not a good year for me to be laid up in August/September.  I should be doing a bunch of canning, but I'm not allowed to right now.  Lugging around canning pots of boiling water is not on my 'approved' list.
Another thing liking this weather are the bushel gourds.  They really aren't meant for growing up here so we are happy that they grow at all.  They are looking really good this year (must be the heat).   I have a large gourd that Colin made into a bowl last year.  If you really want to be amazed, 'google' gourd art -wow!
The gourds and the tomatoes were grown on the black mulch (plastic) this year and that always helps.  Not only does it keep the weeds down but it also keeps in a lot of moisture.  I don't think Colin watered the tomatoes more than once or twice this year.  Next year we hope to find enough plastic for the pumpkins/squash.  I'm going to miss the funky pumpkins this year.

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