Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rain, Glorious Rain

I had to do groceries in Renfrew yesterday.  It was hot and stifling.  It was so hot that I left Ella and Grandma at home.  Ella gets over-heated so easily.  Coming home things got cloudy and there was some lightening.  I didn't get my hopes up though.
Unfortunately the lightening found a neighbour's hay barn.  That's it smoking in the distance.  It's a couple side-roads back.   We could smell and see the smoke right up at the house.  Not a good year to lose all your hay.  In a normal year, it wouldn't be that much of a hardship -insurance would pay for a new barn and the neighbours  would come by with bales of hay and replace all that you lost and then some.
While out watching the smoke, this cloud rolled in:
It was rather scary (I don't like 'weather') and it looked like it was rolling and boiling.  
Did I mention I don't like 'weather'??  I'm standing in the middle of the yard taking pictures and then there is a giant crack of lightening way too close.  So back in the house I go, but not before the thunder shakes the ground.

The skies opened and we couldn't see out the windows.  I didn't get a picture of the storm because I was too busy freaking (on the inside) and wondering if we should be running for the cellar.
Wow, what a downpour.  Thank God we missed the hail and possible tornado that pounded our neighbours near Golden Lake.  That really would be all we need now.  
In the end we had about 1/2 inch of glorious rain!  I think the grass actually looks greener today.  The soy beans are happy.  I'm fairly sure it's too little too  late for the grain corn.  Hopefully the pumpkins will get a boost from the rain.  I also hope we can get some more (minus the storm) in a few days.

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