Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -2 February 2012

Joining the girls over at Like Mother, Like Daughter this week.

Not really a funny picture but certainly a fun one.  Ella got two sets of these blocks for Christmas (400 pieces) and hasn't stopped building.  This picture is her castle which is surrounded by a forest.  These blocks work well with her crane too.

Happy Ella!  A child that's not afraid to talk with her!!  Ella had  a new friend to skate with last week.  It makes the hour go by even faster.  This week Daddy was able to come out for a skate too, but I forgot the camera.  You know, people who worry about home schooled kids and socialization really need to take a look at public school kids.  The girl in the picture is the first kid in a long time that will actually talk and play with Ella.  Most of them won't even say hello.  Now tell me, which child is actually socialized?

And finally I thought I'd share our post-Christmas winter nature table.  My new winter silk from Beneath the Rowan Tree arrived yesterday and I love it.  I need to work on ideas for next year.  This nature table comes to us from Grandma.  She had some winter Cherished Teddies to share.

And now for the giveaway (sort of).  Candy, over at Lazy J Bar C Farm is hosting a Pay-It-Forward.  So now it's my turn.  Head over to At Home With Us for the rules and how to enter.

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