Friday, February 3, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -3 February 2012


Now what on earth could make a Farm Girl happy to find her living room (and most of the house) looking like this?

When it's the start of replacing these:

This house has such drafty windows.  We have (had) 2 original windows left.  One in the upstairs hall and this one in my 'sewing' room.  Colin was actually afraid this one would fall out one day.  Even the 'new' windows in the living room (solid windows installed by MIL in the 80's) let in so much air.  We usually kept the curtains shut on the west side of the room.

Ta da!  New windows -that actually open!!  yes, that means I can actually have a breeze in my living room in the summer!!!  Do you get that I'm a bit excited?!!!!

The guys took 4 1/2 hours to do the four windows.  Not bad I guess.  The house got down to 11C, which was a bit chilly.  I baked Colin a cake and that helped keep the kitchen warm  :)  Hmmm, speaking of the kitchen.  There's that big, ugly, heat sucking patio door that my MIL also had installed.  It used to be a wall with a long window (with windowsill).  Considering the kitchen has a door to the right and left of the patio window, it's not needed as a door.  I'd love to see it go back to wall and window.

I've just noticed the windowsills are too narrow.  But I'm very happy with my new windows.


Anonymous said...

You will love your new windows! We love ours - the old ones used to freeze up - on the INSIDE! The new ones really make a difference. Our windowsills are too narrow now too, but I guess that's the price you pay for having new windows. Totally worth it! Enjoy! I'm sure your house will be much cozier. :)

Paula said...

The old ones upstairs used to freeze up too. Our front door window freezes up still. Guess that should be the next thing to save up for.

Diann said...

Our patio door used to be so bad, my husband would use an ice pick to chip the ice off the inside!! Ha! I occasionally ask him if he misses those days, because sometimes I think he looked forward to doing it! ;)

Diann said...

Hmm, I wonder why my first comment said "anonymous"? I thought I typed in my name, LOL Old age....