Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yarn Along -25 January 2012

11 months till Christmas!!!   Ok, stop throwing things at your computer  :)   Have you started planning your Christmas projects?  I have some ideas.  I have one project ready to pack.  I like to work on Christmas projects all year long, then there is no panicked December knitting.   I'm not sure what Ella's presents will be yet.

I have the Shalom sweater finished.  Even the buttons are sewn on.  It is light as a cloud and I still have half the ball of yarn left.  Not sure what to do with that.  I'm now working on the 5 Hour Baby sweater to go along with the February Baby sweater I finished the other day.  The pattern is easy and I like the way it looks.  I don't like the tension.  I'm not sure why but it's making my wrist hurt.  I couldn't even knit yesterday  :( 

I'm reading a new book.  It's The Highly Sensitive Child and it was written about Ella.  It has a quiz and 'Ella' answered yes to all but one question.  I've always known Ella needed her schedule and got overwhelmed by things (like cleaning up too many toys).  Now hopefully I can find some strategies for helping her learn to deal with all the information/feelings she takes in.  A prime example is how upset Ella gets at the grocery store when she hears a child crying.  When she was little she would actually start to cry until we found the crying child and saw that their momma was there.  Now she doesn't get that upset, but you can see it bothers her and she is happiest if we can see the child later.   Lori over at Beneath the Rowan Tree has been talking about her daughter and her recent diagnosis of extreme sensitivity.  Luckily Ella isn't such an extreme, but I see a lot of Ella (and myself) in Lori's description.    I'm very excited to get more into this book, even if it just helps me to understand and explain to others.


Diann said...

Love, love, love the sweater, it is gorgeous!!
Maybe I need to read that book for myself! I am way too sensitive - about everything!!

Paula said...

The author also has a book for sensitive adults. Maybe you can find it at the library?

Diann said...

Thanks! I will have to check into that.

Diann said...

Paula, I checked online and our library does have the book so I put in a request for it. Thanks again!