Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -Snow Edition -19 January 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas............ oh wait, that was supposed to be last month!

We got another dump of snow (or 'snow event' as the weather guy insists on calling it).  It was so bad on Tuesday that dance was cancelled, much to Ella's disappointment.  The snow makes everything so Pretty and it makes Ella and I very Happy.  Daddy not so much, but that's because he has to work in it.

Here's a Funny that makes me so Happy too.  Ella and Daddy playing hair dresser.   She looks so intense trying to get out the 'grey bugs' that are turning Daddy's hair silver.

Our first Real picture makes me Happy too:

We finally got Ella's toys sorted through and donated a lot of the toys she just doesn't play with any more.  With her birthday coming up we had to do something.  Now we have to find some way to organize these toys in this corner.  Suggestions?

This picture represents the other Real.   It's not Pretty and certainly doesn't make me Happy.  Tuesday night (around 8pm) in the middle of the storm, Colin had to climb up on top of the tarp building (machine shed behind the trees) and shovel off the waist deep snow.  In case you've never seen a tarp building it's horseshoe-shaped!  It usually happens once or twice a year that Colin has to get up there and shovel.  Did I mention that he's not crazy on heights either?  Newer tarp buildings are designed better and don't need shoveled.  But ours is an old style and the roof starts to flatten if it gets too much snow.

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