Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -12 January 2012

Just a short post for Pretty, Happy, Funny Real this week.  First I want to ask, how did it become the 12th of January already??  The days are running together and nothing seems to be getting done.  I have some sorting/reorganizing I want to do, but it all has to wait for the new windows.  And making space for the new windows is creating it’s own mess -aaaaaahhhhh!

We made it to St. Barnabas for church on Sunday.  Boy, I wish Ottawa was closer or gas was cheaper.  Did you know that Father apologized to Ella for not remembering her name -even though there are lots of kids and we only go a few times a year?!!!  Our last minister never remembered her name, even though we went regularly and she’s the only child in the congregation.  I hope our new minister at least attempts to learn names.

But I digress.  Sunday was Epiphany so we sang lots of familiar hymns (happy).  Also, the creche/crib was still up.

The picture didn’t capture the cool blueish light surrounding the creche.  It was beautiful.  This is in the side chapel where the priests say the Angelus at the end of the service.   Ella starts getting antsy by this time, but I’m trying to get her to join in with the Holy Mary part.

Aside from the real mess my house is in (and must stay in for the foreseeable future) I’m searching for a knitting pattern.  I have to make myself  a scarf/stole.  I have some beautiful wool (80 wool, 20 cashmere) that’s a DK.  But I can’t find a pattern that grabs me.  I’d love to do something like an Orenburg warm shawl/scarf.  I was hoping to find a pattern so I know I have enough wool.

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