Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yarn Along -21 December 2011

Yarn Along this week is still Grandma's 10-stitch blanket.  I thought I was finished but found 3 more balls of yarn.  I now have one ball left.  Looks like an 'in-progress' gift this year.  Oh well, I'll have it done by new year's  :)

Grandma had to go to Ottawa yesterday to get a final Christmas present.  She stopped by Chapters and picked up a great Hanukkah book for Ella.  It's just  right for a child Ella's age.  It gives that facts without going into too much details.  She's getting so sensitive lately, I never know how much to tell her.  Like on the 28th, the Massacre of the Innocents.  I think we may just forget that day this year, I don't want to spend a week of Ella not sleeping.

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Lindsey said...

LOL Paula, Massacre of the Innocents.

We had to turn off Snow White two weeks ago because A kept saying she was scared - we couldn't figure out what the problem was as the dwarfs were singing with the animals :S She eventually told us it was the hands that come out at the beginning.