Friday, December 30, 2011

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

I thought I'd share the highlights of our Christmas so far:

Christmas eve day found Colin and me heading for Toronto.  Ella had gone down with Grandma because she didn't think it fair that Grandma drive down alone.  We drove through a winter wonderland.  Unfortunately the closer we got to Toronto the greener things got.  The grass in Toronto actually looked like it needed mowed again.

It was so wonderful to go to midnight Mass at our home church of St. Mary Magdalene.  St. Mary's has a nice new priest, but I miss Father Harold.  It's also getting sad because the people that remember my family are slowly leaving this world.  My Grandpa Rees was a member of the ritual choir.  His sister, Auntie Ella, was a member of the gallery choir under Healey Willan.  My Grandma was basically raised by the Sisters at the church school (after her family moved to Manitoba).   My Dad was a 'boat boy' (I have a picture somewhere) and even my Mom was Confirmed there before her wedding. We left Ella at home with Daddy and Uncle Stefan, she decided 'midnight mouse' wasn't something for someone only 5, maybe she would try next year when she's 'almost 7'.

As per usual, Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan spoiled us all terribly.  Ella's favourite gift was the new Pet Pal 2 game for her Explorer.  Her next favourite gift and the one she can't wait to get into is a Magic Kit.

Millie the cat loved the felted mouse I knitted for her.  I've never seem Millie play so much.  And before you ask, Millie has been on diet cat food for years, it seems she's just big  :)


All our presents were well received.  Uncle Stefan really seemed to like his Tardis socks.  I got a fabulous gift from Belinda and Stefan - a yarn swift!!  It's been on my list for a while.  It's great.

Which is great when you see what I got from Colin and Grandma:

Grandma got me enough Berroco Vintage to make this sweater.  That's right, a sweater for me!!  It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's a beautiful blue/teal.  The marble is also a hat for me (new Piecework pattern).  I'm trying to decide if the Knit Picks wools (middle row) got together.  I have a shawl pattern I want to make and can't decide if these would work or if I should buy more wool.

Off to Great Grandma's.  Uncle Dennis (great uncle to Ella) gave her a great Melissa and Doug building block set. Now she's got 100 multi-shaped blocks to build her castles.  Cozy jammies and slippers from Great Grandma were welcome too.

A nice quiet evening at Petra's, our favourite Bowmanville area B&B.  Petra even left a present for Ella.  Ella loves Martin's fish.

After a nice visit with my dad and step-mom we had an uneventful trip home.  Christmas presents opened at home and some more Melissa and Doug.  Grandma got Ella a really cool cupcake set.  Ella can even use marker 'icing' tubes to decorate the tops.

Ella loved the fairy house I made for her.  She really liked the peg people too, but will be happier when I get the faces painted.  Next time I'm in Ottawa I have to pick up some plastic canvas though because the base didn't felt enough to stand on it's own.

Grandma caught Ella mid thank you hug, but she looks so happy I had to share this one.
We are having a wonderful Christmas.  Lots of time with family and just enjoying the Season.  Not looking forward to getting back to work when it's over.

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