Friday, November 25, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -25 November 2011

Last Friday the Farm Girls (and the small town Grandma) hopped in the car and headed for Scarborough.
It was bright and sunny when we left Cobden, didn't even have a coat on.  In Bancroft (2 hours south west of home) we found this:


Yep snow and a fair bit of it.  It was even trying to snow as we drove through town.  Certainly not the early fall conditions we left at home.
We had a great drive down and actually made good time.  Our usual stop at Pizza Hut for lunch and then off to Great Grandma's and shopping at Tina's.

Saturday we had some errands to run.  First stop was The Purple Purl, a really nice little yarn shop in Toronto.  I was lucky and the store was across the road from a great play park.  We left Ella and Uncle Stefan at the park and went shopping.

It's located in a cool neighbourhood of Toronto called Leslieville.  It's one of those 'up and coming'-type neighbourhoods that are fun to visit for a short period of time but I wouldn't want to live there.  We also found the new location of Gold and Shamrock.  Turns out they are just down the street from the Purple Purl.  At this stage in Ella's dancing career, it's ok to buy her Irish soft shoes which are a bit cheaper.

Unfortunately, Ella woke up Saturday with a wicked sore throat and a nose that wouldn't stop running.  We kept our fingers crossed but she woke up even more miserable on Sunday.  Ella decided for herself that we should stay home from the parade.  Too bad because it was the most beautiful day for the parade.  So she had a pajama day and played some video games with Auntie Belinda.

CTV had the parade on at 4:30, so Ella got herself all set up on the chesterfield and enjoyed the parade nice and warm, with munchies and a handy bathroom  :)

And it wouldn't be a trip post without my usual Ella passed out in the back seat picture:

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