Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yarn Along -31 August 2011

I'm not liking our Explornet right now.  It went out last night (just as Colin was trying to do stuff) and is just back now.  No reason, just no internet  :(

Here's my project from last week to join Ginny, I just cast it off last night.  I was tired of doing 'have-to' knitting and large projects.  I just wanted something fun and easy.  So I pulled out some Bernat Chunky from my stash and started a baby surprise jacket.  It looks about a 24 month size.  Hopefully it will sell at market, I have a hard time selling my knitting around here.

We're reading a new book for Ella.  It's by Beverly Lewis called Just Like Mama.  I love reading Mennonite/Amish books with Ella.  We may be Anglican, but our farm life looks more like theirs than most other children's books out there.  I also like that it shows Ella she can do anything she wants in a dress -contrary to modern society.

For those of you with Ravelry accounts, check out this pattern.  I can't decide whether it's 'me' or not.

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