Saturday, August 27, 2011

Holy Watermelon

The first of Colin's watermelon harvest.  This bad boy weighs in at 50lbs.  I'm not sure why he grew this kind, he's the only one to eat watermelon.  He's got 8 more, nearly as big!  Watermelon anyone??


Kimberly said...

Wowza! It sure is pretty! Doin' a little math.... if the others are the same size that 450lbs of watermelon!!!

Diann said...

Holy cow! What's he going to do with all that watermelon?! I bought a small one today, only about five pounds, and it filled up two Tupperware containers. I love a good watermelon!

Lindsey said...

Ha! Can you take it to the market with you?
We're getting lots of watermelon through our CSA too - must be a good season for it all around!

Paula said...

Yes Kimberly, they are all about the same size. They don't even fit in the fridge!!

@Lindsey, I'm not sure what the health unit would say about cut watermelon. May give it a try though.