Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yarn Along -10 August 2011

You can tell I've still got my migraine, I nearly forgot to post for today's Yarn Along.
Another Christmas present on the needles and nearly done.  It's a cable toque for Colin's dad.  Not too fancy, but nice enough to wear 'out'.  I'm reading over "A First Book of Knitting" because I'm just waiting for the humidity to break to formally teach Ella to knit.
Here's the sweater I was making for our neighbour.  It's Sweet Peasy from Ravelry.  It's a cute little sweater and fairly easy.  It's a little awkwardly written, but just takes careful reading.  I would definitely make it again.  The Momma loved the sweater!

1 comment:

Diann said...

The sweater is really pretty. You do such nice work!
I can't wait till you start teaching Ella to knit! I bet she inherited your talent for it!
Feel better soon, my friend!