Friday, August 5, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -belated

I'm still in time to join the other ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for another week's Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

Our first Pretty pictures comes courtesy of Ella and her garden.  When we planted her potato bed this year, we left a few sunflower volunteers from last year.   As you can see they are doing great.  Colin figures they are over 10 ft.

Happy -for the kittens anyway.  The little ones have discovered the fun of climbing the cedar trees.  I don't think it's fun because I'm afraid they will get stuck and they are still too wild to climb up and rescue  :)

Funny -Ella's always good for a funny picture  :)  Here's my girl taking her babies for a drive in the car.

Real -as in real good mother.  Under this pile of kittens (I count 7) is Zebra our mother cat extraordinaire.  She's only the mother of 2-3 of these kittens, but she feeds whoever comes along.

Real - a beautiful picture taken by my girl.  Ella always seems to be able to take nice pictures of me (ones I don't mind sharing)


Niki said...

love the driving pic! ...and that is a lovely picture of you too :)

Diann said...

That photo of Ella in her garden is just the sweetest shot of her!!
The kitties are getting bigger with each photo!
Ella snapped a great shot of you! Nice job, Miss Ella!