Friday, August 5, 2011

We're Back!

This is why you deal with a local company:

I called Explornet (our satellite Internet provider) on Wednesday to explain our situation.  After jumping through a few hoops, it was decided that our computer wasn't the problem and we needed a service call.  They said they would send out the work order in 24-48 hours.  Yesterday I called Noron in Renfrew (our satellite installer) to see if they had received the order yet or if they could hurry Explornet along. 

Good new, Noron had the work order, bad news her repair guy was going the opposite direction (Renfrew County is about 3 hours driving from one end to the other-it's huge).   We weren't going to get any help until Monday or Tuesday.  That was until I told the lovely lady that we needed the internet for our business too.  She said that if her guy got finished early on Friday she'd send him up here.

12:30 today we got a knock on the door.  Guess what??  It was the tech. guy.  It seems that the new pole Colin installed for the dish (per instructions) has twisted a little.  The tech. guy just had to adjust the dish so that it was lined up with the satellite again. 

Now that's country service!!!

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Diann said...

Glad you're up and running again! Don't you just hate technical glitches?!