Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -25 August 2011

Joining the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for another week of Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.
Pretty and Happy
The wild asters are starting to bloom.  Not only are the pretty with their delicate purple.  But they make me happy too.  Asters are one of my favourite flowers and a sure sign that the good weather (i.e., autumn) is coming and I can see the beginning of the end of the hot, humid, can't breathe or move weather  :)
Leopard got himself stuck up in the cedar tree.  For TWO days, he sat up there and cried.  I know, he's poorly named  :)  I tried to help him down, but I could only find the 6 ft step ladder and couldn't reach him.  Colin eventually found a long 2x4 that could reach the branch and Leopard finally climbed down.   Meanwhile, the little kittens are climbing up the tree to see what's going on and coming down again.
My house is being over-run by Smurfs!!  Ella and Grandma have been collecting all the creatures from Mc Donald's.   Ella thinks they make good 'decoration' so I find them all over the place.  We really wanted to get Farmer Smurf, but can't seem to find him any where.

One more real to share:

Only 4 more months till Christmas  :)

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