Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eight Years!!

Wow, the years just keep going by faster and faster.  Colin and I have been married 8 years.  Here's the story of how we met.  It's hard to believe that Brittany was Ella's age at the wedding.

This is our favourite engagement picture.  We took them up at Colin's aunt and uncle's (formerly his grandparent's) home.  They have this lovely large window and living room that is perfect for pictures.  Our photographer was Colin's cousin Vicki.  She actually a photographer for show cows.  She does most of the pictures at the Royal.  But she did such a great job with our wedding.

We don't have anything much planned for today.  Colin is busy with more seed cleaning (cleaning hemp out of rye).   He'll come home exhausted and his eyes full of dust.  So he's given me a rain-cheque for a nice supper out, probably later this week.

Happy Anniversary My Love!!


Diann said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, PAULA AND COLIN!! Our 29th was on the 20th but my husband's brother & wife were in from Maryland, so we never got to celebrate. They come in the same week every year and mess up our anniversary! Maybe we can both celebrate our anniversaries later in the week!

menatra said...

Happy Anniversary! So nice to see people stay together longer than 2 years, which seems the norm in todays world. This is a really nice photo too but Colin looks HUGE in it! LOL!!!

Diann said...

BTW Paula, that is a lovely photo of you two! You are so tiny and Colin is so big! Your hair is beautiful! Is it still that long?

Paula said...

Well there is a foot difference in our heights. It always surprises people when they meet us sitting down. We seem the same height, until we stand up :)

My hair is finally that long again! I keep trying to find a hairdresser up here that I can trust to trim end. But they all seem determined to chop off inches!! I'm to the point of letting Colin trim it -almost :) It was a little curlier then, I'm in need of a new spiral perm, but that requires a trip home.

menatra said...

Hey Paula, if you need a trim I would be willing to do it. I'm not a hairdresser but I cut all our hair. A trim is pretty basic when you have long hair :)