Sunday, June 12, 2011

This and That

Ella and her babies having a tea party.  It's Lucy's birthday.

Daddy finishing up the no-till soy beans.  They are now finished all the field cropping.  Hurray!!

They have been busy this week resurfacing the highway in front of our farm.  This train of equipment was chewing up pavement at one end and then putting it back down as new pavement at the other end.  Made getting up the highway to the other field fun -not!

I'm a bad blog owner.  I completely forgot to take a picture yesterday for World Wide Knit in Public day.  Grandma and I were knitting away at market.  And then I forgot to bring the camera with me today for our time at Expo 150.   There was a good turn out, but we didn't get to see anything except the animal tent.  Had some really good conversations with the general public.  Answered some really bizarre questions.  I wish the people who watch "Food Inc" would realize that it isn't 'gospel' and was produced to further a certain agenda.  They also need to remember that we live in Canada and have much different (and stricter) rules than the Americans.  And we raise our animals differently.

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