Saturday, June 4, 2011

Renfrew Farmers' Market

We were at the Renfrew Farmers' Market again today.  This was our second week (we missed the last week for the dance recital).  It was nice to see a few more new vendors out.  Grandma comes along to help set up the tent and help keep an eye on Ella.  The other ladies at the market are great too.  They all love to have Ella around and are always telling me that she isn't driving them crazy  :)  It's always nice to have another adult along on Market days.  Sometimes things can get crazy or even just so you can take a bathroom break.

  The Renfrew Market is Saturdays from 7-12.  This makes for a very early day for us.  I'm up at 5am to get all the pork loaded into the coolers.  It's about 30 minutes from our house to Renfrew.  I try to have the coolers ready by 6 when Colin gets up because he will load them onto the truck for me.  They get terribly heavy when full.  As you can see, Renfrew closes off a side street downtown.  We're right between Town Hall and the Library.  Ella was very happy to discover that Renfrew doesn't charge children for a library card.
We're not at the Petawawa Farmers' Market this year.  For some reason, no one seems to know if it's even happening.  I know I sent an email a while ago and they hadn't decided on anything.  When the invitation came for the Renfrew market we decided to try there.  The Petawawa market was on Fridays and finished before people were done work.  We have high hopes for the Renfrew Market since it is on Saturdays and right down town.

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