Friday, June 3, 2011

Farmgirl Friday -3 June 2011

Joining the Farmgirl fun this week.

Yesterday, I discovered that adrenalin does NOT over power asthma (at least not in a minor type of situation).  The Canada geese were in this field eating the Indian corn that Ella and Grandpa had just planted this morning.  So I told Ella to run out in the field being as loud and crazy as she wanted  to chase off the geese.  I guess I should have told her to only go so far.  The geese wouldn't fly away, only moved further down the field.  So of course, Ella kept going.  It was so windy yesterday that she couldn't hear me screaming shouting for her to stop.  So I had to try to run after her (she's half way across a 50 acre field by now).  I thought I was never going to get her stopped in time and had visions of her falling in the river (still full and deep) or disappearing into the swamp (has happened to cows) before I could catch her.  Finally the wind stopped for a moment and she heard me.  As I sat on the ground wheezing, we had a good chat about the dangers of the river and not going so far from home.

Inspired by my friend over at Heritage Farmgirl and due to dress desperation (aka nothing suitable for in public).  I've been making some new dresses.  The first 2 are a combination of 2 Simplicity patterns.  I really like them and Colin loves them.  The last is a Vogue and it is beautifully designed (fully lined and everything).  Vogue sure knows how to make a pattern.  I'm just home from Knit Night and Colin was sleeping on the chesterfield, so the pictures are a funny kind of angle.

We have a wedding to attend in June, so this was the first dress I made.  I had absolutely nothing to wear to a wedding.  I found this material on sale at Fabricland for $2.50 a metre -unheard of price these days.  I got enough to make Ella a matching dress too.  Once I finish it and the pins are out, I'll get a picture of her too.  This is the style that Colin really likes.  I like it too, though I think I look better in my head than in pictures  :)

This is just an everyday kind of dress.  Good for groceries or just hanging around doing stuff  :)  The material came from the Mennonite store in Floradale.  I love that store.  They have such a great selection of cotton floral prints.  The fabric is great quality and very reasonable prices.  The staff is lovely too (which is more than can be said for the Pembroke Fabricland most days).  I have been known to make trips to the St. Jacob's area just to be able to go there.  Luckily it's only 1 1/2 hours from Toronto, so it makes a nice day trip when we are visiting my sister.  Of course we hit the market too.

This is the Vogue dress and I'm just not sure.  Like I said, the pattern is beautiful and went together well.  But then I put it on...

  I thought the pattern had a 20's farm house dress kind of vibe and had high hopes for it.

Please be completely honest.  If you think it looks terrible say so.  It's hard to get an honest opinion around here because Colin and Ella think I look beautiful in everything.

  My friends on Facebook have been sharing this old Body Shop ad and I thought this was a great place to share it too.  Obviously from this post it's easy to see how true this really is.  Though I don't want a super model's body (child-like) I really would like the body I had when Colin and I met.  The size someone who's only 5 ft, on a good day, should have.  Sorry I can't make it bigger.  It says "there are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels and only 8 who do"  Too bad Mattel made them stop the ad campaign.

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