Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -2 June 2011

Joining the ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter.


Finally, the honeysuckle bush at my clothes line stand is flowering.  I would love to move this where we can see it more, but I'm afraid I'd kill it.  So I get to enjoy it while hanging out laundry.


Speaking of laundry...  Yesterday was the first day for hanging out laundry.  I could have done it sooner, but with the corn stove on why lug baskets upstairs.  As you can see, the wind was crazy yesterday (still today).  Laundry was dry in no time and in fact Colin had to help me pull in the line.  The weather was such a relief yesterday.  Tuesday was so hot and humid.  In fact Colin gave himself heat stroke/exhaustion/whatever.  He probably should have gone to the hospital -I was really worried.  You would have thought he would have learnt his lesson last year.


More kitten pictures.  They sat still this time.  As you can see, the sweeties have climbed out of their box.  Colin has them boxed in with bales of straw, though I'm not sure that's going to keep them in for long.  I just hope they stay out of the sow pens.  Aren't they adorable?


Ella's playhouse took a beating in yesterday's wind.  Hopefully nothing is broken or bent.  I'm tired of buying new screen buildings(but it's a necessity with these mosquitoes).  When the wind stops we'll have to stand it up and tie it down some more.

Another Real

This is the reality of my house.  It is so small (how small is it..) that my new counter top (hurray) has to sit on TOP of the old counter while it waits to be installed!  Oh I wish I had an addition (and basement)

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