Tuesday, May 3, 2011


When will spring ever arrive to Eastern Ontario??  We need the rain to stop for now.  We likely have enough moisture to last till June!  The grass is finally starting to turn green (prompting complaints about having to cut it by Colin) and the lilac trees are starting to leaf out, other than that there are few signs of spring.

Outside that is: 

In the greenhouse things are looking more like spring.  Some of the first tomatoes that Colin and Ella planted have started to flower.  These plants really want to go outside.

Colin's wild and crazy heirloom pumpkins have jumped up and started too.  We like to grow some really funky pumpkins.  People don't realize that pumpkins used to be much more interesting in the old days.

Another sign of spring -new kittens in the barn!!
Our 'new' kittens from last summer are starting to have kittens.  These little ones belong to one of the 'Midnights' (2 all black cats we can't tell apart and so Ella named them both  Midnight)  There are 4 little kittens and the mother is taking good care of them -always a concern with first time cat-Moms.  When Daddy gets home from cleaning we're going out to the barn to see them.

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