Saturday, April 30, 2011


Finally got the birthday presents finished.  I made a couple of drawing folios for Colin's niece and nephew.  Their birthdays were yesterday and today but we won't see them until Wednesday (so I'm not late).  I'm sure Jared will love it, he's 7.  I hope Brittany likes it too.  She's 13 now.  But Grandma Isobel always says Brittany likes to draw, so I made her one too.  They were very easy and there are lots of examples out there in blog land.  Most have a section all made up for the crayons.  I just left these ones with 2 large pockets to make them more versatile.  Ella picked out the colours and designs.  Jared's folio has a formula one race car.

Ventured outside for the first time in a while and look what I found!  My bluebells are flowering.  I even found a few that are finally spreading.  Bluebells make me happy.  On the way to church in Toronto (for Easter), we always drive by a number of old houses that literally have blue front yards.  Their bluebells have spread so much over the years.  That's what I want!

Since it was so nice and warm out today, we stopped and picked up some of the branches off the grass.  The grass is finally starting to grow, so we need to get it cleaned up, in no time it will be long enough for Daddy to mow it again this year.

We had a nice while outside this afternoon.  Though I'm not sure what that large, bright, yellow thing was hanging in the sky  :)

One last picture.  Ella wanted to share a picture of her bunny from Easter.  She loves this little bunny.  It even sits on her night table overnight.  The best dollar I ever spent  :)

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