Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

I'm so happy to share my Pretty picture this week!!  My tulips are starting to open.  Hurray!

Happy is another picture of my girl.  Ella really wanted Lucy to be part of the picture.   This is the family version of the picture, you know the one that goes to all the grandmas and aunties.   I showed you my version the other day.

Funny is usually pretty easy around here with my girl.  Here's the playhouse she made yesterday for her stuffies and Littlest Pet Shop critters.  You'll notice Figaro is enjoying it too.

Another funny is Smokey.  He's the male barn cat that thinks he's a house lap cat.  He really needs to learn not to roll on my flowers though.

Real is not so much fun this week.  I'm afraid our new neighbour 'momma Robin' has abandoned her new nest or has been eaten.   I haven't seen her for more than a day.

Let's go see what's going on over at Like Mother, Like Daughter and all the others playing along this week.


Kimberly said...

Some of my tulips have lost their petals :( we had a late frost a week or so ago. The ones that were a little more protected are still blooming.

Paula said...

I'm just so happy to finally see flowers. They are so late this year.