Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Weekend

On Sunday Ella and I went to an open house at our neighbour's, Kylah and Zach, CSA farm.  We got rained out on Saturday, but Sunday was near perfect.  It was a little cool, but there was enough breeze to keep the blackflies under control.
Zach is talking about thistles here, so Ella and her little friend were looking to find some.  Ella kept the little one from picking them because Ella knows all about thistles.  Zach and Kylah have the same Renfrew county clay that we have, so they are waiting to plant outside too.

Kylah, Zach and their interns have been busy this spring planting trees.  They planted a variety of fruit and nut trees.  I also saw some tiny cedars.  The farm should be something to see in years to come.

During our tour we came upon some old growth trees.  Zach told Ella that it was full of fairies, so off she ran to try to find them. Zach was really good with Ella.

Trying to get a jump-start on the season, Zach and Kylah have a large greenhouse.  Their greenhouse is  built like a tarp building (like our machine shed).   Their greenhouse took a bit of a beating in that terrible wind storm we had a few weeks ago.

At the end of the tour we had a great pot luck.  There was a nice variety of foods.  My oatmeal brownies went over well.  In fact, that was all Ella ate  :)

Even after all that walking (and running) look who was still full of energy for running the entire 3 km back to the side road.  Can you see that little purple dot in
the middle of the driveway?

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