Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yarn Along -27 April 2011


Another week of Yarn Alongs over at Small Things.   This week I'm working on a pair of knee socks for me.  That's right, something for Momma!!  I was much further along when I was in Scarborough, but then noticed a mistake back at the beginning, so out they came.  I do have the pattern nearly finished.  I've also finished the pattern for the February Baby Sweater worn by Lucy.  I couldn't find one to fit a Bitty Baby so I created my own.  I will publish the pattern soon.  I just want to test knit the yoke to make sure the numbers add up properly -math isn't my strong point.

Right now we are reading Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter.  It was one of Ella's Easter surprises when we got home on Monday.  She also loved the little bird and egg that I knit for her.  I was worried because she kept changing her mind as to which colour she would like.  But when she pulled the bird out of the bag she said it was the 'most beautiful' bird.

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