Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along -13 April 2011

For this week's Yarn Along, I finished Ella's Socktopus.  What a fun knit!  Though I was disappointed that it didn't actually use sock wool.  It needs a yarn that knits about 18sts to 4 inch.  I had to pick up the off-white and pink/purple stripe yarn.  I have enough of the pink/purple to make Ella matching socks.   I used the pink/white stripe from Ella's knee socks and the black/purple came from my February Lady Sweater.  I did use a sock wool for a couple of socks, but had to double the wool.  One leg is even wearing a leg warmer while another has a stocking and garter.

On my needles is another knitted dolly.  This one is for Ella, so don't tell  :)  I'm working on her skirt now.  Might get her finished tonight.  Depends on how much time I spend doing the farm finances (bleh).
I'm reading a book from the library.  It's Stitch n' Bitch Nation.  I'm glad it's from the library because I'd be very disappointed if I had bought the book.  It's got a few interesting items, but not much.


Diann said...

I laughed myself silly at your "Socktopus"! That is just too darn cute!! ;) I love it's little socks, leg warmers, etc.! You come up with the cutest projects!

Paula said...

It was fun to knit. Colin thought I was crazy making socks for an octopus. I spend too much time looking around :)