Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Fun

Not much to say today so I'll share some pictures from our week.
Snowdrops finally poking through the leaves.
Bread fresh from the oven and Ella's new nightgown finally finished.
Momma (picture by Ella)  keeping Ella company while she plays with her play dough.
Ella's play dough creation:  a castle and walls to keep out the enemies.
Momma and Daddy having date night at their favourite restaurant in Pembroke.  We like to go to JJ's Restaurant.  The owner John buys all the bacon for the restaurant from us.  We like to return the favour and his food is homemade a delicious.

This is Daddy's favourite dress.  He loves this one on me so much that I've made another just like it.
My funny girl.  She loves the timer feature on her camera.
No idea where Ella gets her silliness  :)

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