Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week -day Two

Day two asks what we have learned over the last year:

Even though I have been knitting forever -even Mom can't remember when she taught me to knit -I've actually learned a few things last year.  The first thing I learned was how to sew my knitting together.  The girls at Knit Night couldn't believe I didn't know how to sew stuff together, but why would I do it when my Mom is happy to do it for me?  Besides, if Mom does my sewing, I can get started knitting the next project  :)  My friend Christina was very kind and showed me her very precise way of sewing seams.

I also learned how to knit socks from the toe-up and with the Magic Loop method.  I've actually learned two ways to do toe-up.  One way doesn't seem to fit well (except on Colin) but I have the formula that will let me design socks in any wool for any person.  The second way gives you most of the formula but leaves out the most important number.  You have to look in her book to get that number -but these socks fit smaller feet nicer.

I'm really not sold on the Magic Loop method.  I already know who to do socks two at  a time with 2 circular needles, so it is likely just a case of the method you learn first being better.  I find Magic Loop requires a lot of fiddling and has the hazard of pulling the wrong end of the Loop and loosing stitches.  All that said, it's handy to know alternate techniques.  Now I can still do small circular work even if I only have long circulars free.

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