Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yarn Along -16 February 2011

Another week of wonderful projects over at Small Things.  This week for the Yarn Along I have some stockings that I'm making for myself.  I'm using the basic toe-up sock but making up the rest of the pattern.  I'm reading 'Little Acts of Grace', it's a good book to teach kids how to behave during Mass.  It is helpful for explaining things like why we cross ourselves.  I have a hard time putting that kind of thing into words.

Ella had her first dentist appointment on Monday.  I have a picture but I've been asked not to share it.  Ella won't say why she just says 'don't put it on your blog'.  Ella was very brave and really opened her mouth well and followed all the instructions.  Why don't dentists have child-sized x-ray equipment???!!!!  Poor Ella was gagging there was so much in her mouth.  But they were able to get enough pictures.  Ella's teeth are perfect (if a little crowded) and the dentist has no idea why she complains that they hurt when we brush.  Good news is he doesn't think they will start falling out for another year!

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