Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Well it's unanimous!   Both Willie and Pete have forecast an early spring.  I think they have some explaining to do.
This is my neighbours very large house! (ignore the date on the picture, I can't seem to fix the camera)

Here's our birthday girl in her birthday dress.  I think she has the skirt caught in the cupboard door  :)  We took Ella out for supper to have a 'big girl birthday'.  We went to JJ's Restaurant in Pembroke.  That's the restaurant that buys our bacon and we've gotten to know the owners well.  We invited the grandparents to come along too.  Ella had such a good time.  They even brought out an ice cream sundae with a candle.  Ella felt so grown up.

I measured Ella last night and it's no wonder she wakes up some nights crying because her legs hurt.  Ella grew 6 inches in the last year!!!   My 'baby' is 43.5 inches tall -I'm only 60!  No wonder it's getting so hard to lift her.  Daddy, of course, thinks it's hilarious that she will be as tall as me by the time Ella's 8.
Enough pictures Momma.


Anonymous said...

My little Emma is only about 50" and nearly 10!!! That is so funny that her skirt is caught! What neighbour?????

Paula said...

If you know where to look, you can just see the dark rectangles. Ella's soon going to be taller than her nearly 7 year old cousin. She already out-weighs him. I'm not sure what my SIL feeds those kids. They look like she never feeds them.

Diann said...

My, Ella's going to be a tall young lady, isn't she?!
We've had an ice storm here and things are a real mess! Our cable is out and there's large tree limbs all over the yard! Too much for hubby to clean up, and I am no help, as I am rcovering from a recent fall. So, we are going to have to hire it done. Glad you just got snow, and not the ice storm! I'll be glad when this winter season is over!!