Monday, January 10, 2011

Sock Workshop

Had a lot of fun yesterday afternoon.  A bunch of the Knit Night girls got together and had a sock workshop.  Meagan from Earth Rocks in Eganville was our hostess.  She invited Nancy from Log Cabin Yarns to come up and demonstrate socks from the toe up with the Magic Loop method.


At the end of the afternoon everyone finished one little sock.  I'll be ripping this one out later, it's been a long time since Ella's feet were this small.  I'm not sure I like the Magic Loop method, I think I prefer the 2 circular method.  But I'm going to give this one a fair try.  I do like toe-up.  It's very useful when you aren't sure how much wool you have.  You just keep knitting till you run out.  I really like that Nancy gave us the math to figure out our own toe-up patterns.  Also, she taught us a new way to increase for the heel gusset.  Did you notice the lovely curve in the sole of the foot?   This new way of increasing will hug the instep and make these socks very comfy to wear.  I have a pair of knee socks (short stockings) that I have been wanting to make.  Now I have the method to make it work.

It was a very nice afternoon spent with the girls.  Daddy got some rest and Ella had a Grandma sleep over and played in the snow.

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