Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Round Up

Christmas is over but here are a few of our favourite things:
Cross country skis from G&G Fletcher

Big girl camera from G Rees and bunny ears provided by Uncle Stefan.

    "best Christmas ever!!" -provided by Momma and Daddy.  I finally tracked down a Littlest Pet Shop Animal Rescue Centre -or amnimal hosipal  :)

Momma got a nice big new bundt pan, it's by Nordicware which is the best pan company if you ask me.  Can't wait to get back to baking.
  And to go along with my new pan, my sister picked up a whole whack of Pam for baking.  It has flour in the spray and is perfect for fancy shaped bundt pans.  It's also impossible to buy in Ontario, so Belinda bought a bunch when they were in the States Christmas shopping.  Along with the Pam I also got a whole case of my guilty pleasure -Cherry Coke.  Yummm!  It's also something I can't get here in Ontario.

Of all Daddy's presents, I think the 'funny' present was his favourite.  I got him this 'Elmer Fudd' hat from Princess Auto, it was kind of a joke, but mostly a 'it'll keep him warm regardless of how it looks' type gift.  But he loves it and I think it looks pretty good on him.  Colin says it will be great this winter/spring when he starts cleaning seed again.

Finally I want to share a picture of our Christmas tree.  We haven't had the heart to take it down yet and here's why:  

Our tree is growing.  We have new branches about 2 inches long.  I've had trees start to bud before but nothing like this.  It's amazing.


Anonymous said...

Pam w/ flour that would make baking with a bundt pan much nicer, I'll have to look for that. What no Cherry Coke in ON, I know a few who would have a problem with that too! I think Colin's hat is very stereotypically, Canadian! Although I think that the North Dakotans where them also!!! LOL

OK, Paula. The Wisemen have come and gone. The Holy family has fled to Egypt....take down the tree!!!!!

Diann said...

Wow, very nice/thoughtful gifts, all around. I have never heard of the Pam with flour. I will have to look for that, as I like to make bundt cakes! And that is amazing about your tree growing! I say, KEEP IT UP, LOL (Sorry, Kimberly! ;))

Paula said...

We used to have Cherry Coke, but it's been gone for a few years now. Pam with Flour is THE BEST! It's better than shortening sprinkled with flour, it's way better than regular Pam sprinkled with flour. It gets in all the fancy bits and the cake just falls out (so long as I'm not trying to turn it out too warm).

I don't know about the tree. My husband wants to leave it up for now (it's not even dropping needles). And you know what the Bible says about submission :)