Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is the view from one of my kitchen windows.  We've got about a foot of snow and it's snowing again.  Ella's very disappointed in the snow this year.  It's been so dry and fluffy, we can't make snowmen or even have a snowball fight.  Not that it stops the fun though, Daddy and Ella were out yesterday tobogganing.  Ella has so much fun when Daddy has time to play.

The kids headed out to play again today.  The temperature is beautiful and it is so bright and sunny.  Daddy built Ella the 'Himalayas' in the yard.  Ella love to watch the new Ice Road Truckers and is amazed by the Himalayan mountains.  Ella always wants to see what Lisa is doing.

Tiger came out of the barn for some loving too.  It's great to see how good the barn cats are looking.

Last night the Grandma's, Auntie Elizabeth and I went to see The King's Speech.It was really good.  Much funnier than I thought it would be.

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Anonymous said...

Our friends that live in North Dakota, built a snow hill for sledding, there is soooo much snow there this year. I'm coveting their snow and yours!!!

We just watched "The Young Victoria" on DVD, it was very good. I'll make a note to rent "The King's Speech".