Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taste of the Valley in Cobden

Every year Renfrew County puts on a number of events called Taste of the Valley.  We don't participate in many of them because it's during the busy summer season.  But we never miss the October Cobden Taste of the Valley.  We have been a part of the Taste since the beginning.  The first year they were hoping for 500 people, there were 2000!  The last two years there has been closer to 7000.  It's just one long crazy day!  Luckily we get great help from Colin's sister Elizabeth and his mom.  A neighbour lady came this year too as well as Elizabeth's daughter Brittany.  It's great having Brittany along, she runs errands for us when we just can't get away from the tables.

We were able to set up most things last night, so today we only had to pack the eleven coolers of pork.  We must have had about 3 pigs worth of pork with us this year.  This picture is about 8:30 before many people had arrived.  We had just got the bacon started on the griddle, making the hall smell yummy.

This one is from about 1:00 when there was a bit of a lull so Colin could take the time to get a picture.

It is such a long and crazy day.  But very worth while.  We sold out of bacon (150lb) by noon and were out of just about everything by 2.  We brought home only 1 1/2 coolers of pork.  A very good day.  Our brains are fried, throats sore from talking and legs exhausted.  Colin had to come home and chore, hopefully he will be in soon so he can relax.  I picked up subs on the way home because I'm not cooking tonight.  I'm not even sure if I'm doing dishes later!
It's a wonderful day and we meet so many potential customers, but I'm also very glad it's once a year  :)

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