Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hugli's Adventure

Ella had another great home school outing yesterday.  She and Grandma met up with a bunch of our home school friends at Hugli's Blueberry Ranch in Pembroke.  I was still feeling miserable, so I did groceries instead  :(

The kids had so much fun.  There are a couple of mazes, including a large alphabet corn maze.  Ella's bunch got a little lost around the letter 'M'.  That was fine at the time but caused a little stress around 2am this morning.

They have a bit of a petting zoo.  Ella was quite taken with Valentine the goat.  There were sheep and alpaca too.  It's really great how the children can get up close and personal with the animals.

This impressive fellow (aka Mr. Hugli) made an appearance and fired off the pumpkin canon.  They are so great with the children.  Fun stories about a fin-less shark that needs to be fed pumpkins.

And then there is this.....

The giant pumpkin is eating someone!!!  At first they were going to use the pumpkin cannon to rescue the guy, but then they decided since only legs were left it was too late.
That last picture reminded me of one I found on the camera on the weekend. 

Colin had been taking some pictures and I guess got creative.

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