Saturday, October 30, 2010


I know a number of my internet friends will disagree, but I really don't have an issue with Ella going out trick or treating.  My sister and I did and we turned out ok  :)

The Celtic celebration of Samhain, which means 'summer's end' in Old Irish is pre-Christian.  It celebrates the end of summer and preparation for the coming winter.  There was also fear of roaming spirits and divination and other pagan rituals.  This aspect of Halloween has been embraced by the growing pagan/Wiccan movement.  There seems to be more and more people going back to the 'old religions'.  I think this is because Christianity and God have been removed from nearly every aspect of every day life.   We all know that nature hates a vacuum and so people find anything to fill the void that has been left by the over-secularization of post 20th century society.

Halloween and actual trick or treating are Christian in origin.  October 31st is All Hallows' Eve, or the evening before All Saints' Day.  In the Middle Ages poor people went from house to house begging for pennies or soul cakes on All Hallow's Eve and in return they promised to pray for the departed on All Soul's Day.  Ella will never dress as anything evil or Satanic.  This year she's going as a ballerina dressed as a Fairy Princess.  It's called making use of last year's dance dress -easy costuming 101.

A soul, a soul, a soul cake
Please good Missus a soul cake.
An apple, a pear, a plum, a cherry,
Any good thing to make us all merry.
One for Peter, One for Paul,
One for Him who made us all.

God Bless the master of this house, the mistress also,
And all the little children who around your table grow.
Likewise your men and maidens, your cattle and your store,
And all that dwells within your gates,
  we wish you ten times more.

A soul, a soul, ...

The lanes are very dirty and my shoes are very thin,
I've got a little pocket I can put a penny in.
If you haven't got a penny, a ha' penny will do,
If you haven't got a ha' penny, then God bless you!

A soul, a soul,...


Diann said...

Very cute costume - great job, Paula! Ella looks adorable in it! Hope she has fun. Our trick-or-treat is starting in less than ten minutes!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Hubby says she has wings...They all have wings! {Emma had wings too} Ella looks so grown up! Hope she has fun!

Paula said...

It makes me sad sometimes when I see how grown up Ella is getting. Ella loves playing with her wings. Last night she was flitting around being the tooth fairy. She's obsessed with the tooth fairy these days.