Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy Sunday

Even though Daddy could have used a nice quiet, warm day on the chesterfield (he finally succumbed to the cold), we spent the morning planting garlic.  Doesn't sound too bad until I tell you about the morning's blizzard and Renfrew County clay.  It was way too wet and cold to let Ella help, so she had to try to entertain herself.  She did pretty good for an hour but then got too cold.  Ella ended up in tears in the greenhouse.  Daddy let us come in and get Ella warmed up.  We planted about 700 of our 1000 garlic cloves.  Weatherman says it's supposed to warm up a little this week, we'll finish then.

   Ella and I played in the kitchen this afternoon so Daddy could watch his NASCAR  in peace and quiet.  Some days Ella is a little too chatty for Daddy.  Can you see where we are playing?  Love Ella's goofy face.

We got Ella all layered up and headed over to see Grandpa Fletcher before going over to Beachburg.  We trick or treat on Grandma's street since she actually has neighbours.  As you can see, Beachburg got more snow than we did and it actually stayed.  In fact, one road I went down looked like Christmas.  All the evergreens were beautiful with snow.  Everyone loved Ella's fairy princess costume and she got quite the haul.  I think Ella would have done the entire town if I had let her.  She was nearly flying between houses.  She had such fun

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