Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home School Fun for Momma

We've been suffering in a heat wave the last few days.  These last two days have been unbearable.  I was out to a home school meeting last night.  A bunch of us Mommas got together to discuss some field trip ideas for the upcoming year.  We had a lovely evening outside in Maureen's backyard in Wilno.  It's a cute little village.  It's the first Polish settlement in Canada.

The first Saturday in May is Kashub day.  We try to go, we missed this year because Belinda and Stefan were up for a visit.  I always kid and tell Ella not to look too "German" and blend in  :)  No one would care, we always get a warm welcome and have a great time.  Ella loves the music too.

We usually got for perogies  and cabbage rolls at the 'famous' Wilno Tavern. Every one in Renfrew County knows the Tavern.  It's obvious they are proud of their Polish heritage.

This is the absolutely beautiful Catholic church in Wilno.   If I had of had more time I would have stopped and gone in for a few shots. It's the most beautiful church I've ever seen.   It was built mostly by hand by local parishioners.  All during the height of the Great Depression!

If you are up that way in Renfrew County, spend a while in Wilno.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are getting some late summer heat; yesterday we didn't even reach 16C yesterday! It was very rainy and dark all day. Today at least the sun came out today so we reached 20. We are so way below normal. That church looks like it should be in a movie! I've spent hours on the phone with our new ISP trying to get things up and running...finally after a 3 hour call we have the important parts running {service and security} now to get an email with them- which I'm not even going to be using, but need to have access to certain features, ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

I just remembered a piece of trivia I've meant to share with you, since our last trip to BC... Along the way, still here in the states, we saw a car with an older couple, from Ontario- Pretty rare sighting around here...Later in the day on our way out of Vancouver, in front of us was this rather worn out vehicle, which was overstuffed with baggage, from New Brunswick! The funny thing was that this car was a really small hatchback type car, also overloaded with passengers, there were four young men crammed in, along with all their stuff- what a long ride for them!!!