Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Weekend

I'm so far behind.  I think I'm going to start with this past weekend and then go back and tell you about last weekend  :)

Maureen, my home school friend, sent an email around the 'community' about a special even going on at Madonna House in Combermere.  It's about an hour away so we thought we'd head out there to spend a nice Saturday afternoon.  We used the GPS and found a short-cut.  You find all sorts of beautiful things taking the back roads around Wilno.  This is just the side of someone's barn.  Another special thing is found at crossroads.  Back when this area was settled by the Kashubs, they couldn't get together for regular church services.   So families erected crosses at various cross roads and gathered there.  Many local families have  replaced these crosses and it's quite the scene to come upon, not what you expect to find when you come around a corner.
Madonna House has a museum and lots of antiques. 

I found the most beautiful old wood cook stove that I've ever seen (antique anyways).  I would love to have an old stove, though I would need a bigger/better laid out kitchen.   I always laugh at places like these.  Kitchen displays often show many of the utensils that I still use.

The Madonna house people do a lot of hand work.  They have a wood working spot.  The guy there had some church items in need of repair.  Ella was quite taken with one statue.  It was nearly as big as Ella.  It's a statue of the Infant of Prague.  They also had some beautiful candle stands and crosses.  The candle making demonstration had a really nice Peace candle for Easter service.

They had a balloon guy.  He had a whole book of critters for the kids to pick from.  Ella chose a snail.  We had a really nice afternoon.
We headed into Barry's Bay and went for ice cream!


Diann said...

How coincidental you would have a picture of the Infant of Prague statue! My folks had a hand painted statue of the Infant of Prague for as long as I can remember. None of us siblings remember why or even where they got it. Well, when my youngest brother and I were cleaning out Mom's room after she had passed away, we came across that statue. He was wondering what it was called and I told him I thought it was called the Infant of Prague. No one in the family really wanted it, as it's fairly large, but since we hated to part with it, it now is taking up residence at my brother's! I passed your info about the statue along to him. Thanks!
PS. I love that old wood cook stove! It looks to be in excellent condition!

Paula said...

The Infant of Prague statue just makes you smile. A painted one would be beautiful. I wonder if they are all made large size. As you can see, this one is nearly life-sized since the Child is supposed to be 3 (and taking my tall 4-year old into consideration)