Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday -25 January 2010

Another Monday, another plan         :)

Just 11 months till Christmas, are you making plans yet??

Weather has changed here today and we are stuck in the house.  It is around 3C (37F) and everything has turned into a skating rink.  Colin isn't taking the pigs to the butcher shop until this afternoon, in hopes that the sanders get out soon.  Dull and miserable.  I'd take cold and sunny any day.


Kimberly said...

Oh, man I feel so bad. I was totally going to remember her day. My mom has ended up in the hospital in the state they are visiting- They are going to end up coming home early; I think she's had enough snow birding for now.

I love age 4, it's such a fun time!

Paula said...

I hope your Mom is going to be ok and it's nothing serious.

I hope age 4 is a little less 'saucy' than 3 was :)

Diann said...

Paula, special birthday wishes to your little Ella! May "4" be a fun year for her, and for you, too! Enjoy!