Monday, November 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -2 November 09

Wow, I don't know where the week has gone. I've been trying to get through the laundry mountain. Still have a couple loads to go. I have been busy working on some stuff for the OVFC. They want to change some important policies which will likely cause us to be kicked out. This is unfair and I intend on pointing out the other producer members who should go too. Like three quarters of the producer members. I also intend on pointing out the double standard/two faced actions of these so called "environmentalist/farmer loving" people. They are going to destroy the OVFC.

The Russian brisket was very good. A definite keeper. As was the Vermont Corn Chowder, though next time I will use less cheese. We missed a couple planned meals, things came up and suppers changed :)


shepherd's pie -didn't make it last week after all, we had more leftover's than expected

pb & h for Daddy since it's grocery day

chicken dinner from the grocery store -complete dinner for $10

soup of some kind

leftover souvlaki and pitas


leftover shepherd's pie

leftover soup or pasta

creole pork chops

French toast -Ella's suggestion

braised short ribs

wieners and beans

roast chicken, roast potatoes, and soft bread sticks

Head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie and check out the other menus.


Anonymous said...

I was in a menu rut this week! I have a pantry full of food, I got a great deal on some meat, including pork roast; but I get this - ugh! I have all the same foods to begin my meals from and no imagination on how to use those ingredients creatively!!!

Also I wanted to participate in the pay it forword, I just didn't want to ask folks for you know private stuff like emails and addresses, that's what stopped me -maybe I'm just being to secure and weird about it.

I hope the co-op stuff works out, I'll be praying for you on that stuff.

Paula said...

I had a hard time making this week's menu too. That's why there isn't anything too adventurous :)

I'll add you to the pay it forward Kimberly. I think I still have your address if not I will email you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paula - your a sweetie! I didn't even address your health issues; too bad that all these viruses have started so early, it will really just stretch out the indoor/cool weather season.

God be with you, and yes do blog more I've missed you!